Return to your roots 2018
April 28th & 29th

Natural Hair Health and Well-Being Event

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About Return to Your Roots 2018

The 3rd annual "RETURN TO YOUR ROOTS" Natural Hair & Beauty, Health and Wellness show is BACK!!!! If you missed last year, then you don't want to miss this one!!! Come and experience the high vibration, fellowship and fun of this year's event. Speakers, stalls, open panel discussions, workshops and more, will surely inform, educate, inspire, entertain, uplift and empower you.

Khembé Clarke

Highlights from Return to Your Roots 2017


Over 60 Stalls

Guest Speakers

Holistic and Cultural Perspectives

The Full Monti of Natural Hair

Live Classes & hands on training


Health, wellness, proper nutrition and beauty

Question Time Panel

Health - Hair

Live Music & Entertainment

Italo Skarcha, Judah P & Amlak Tafari